Online classes in The Zen Den


Donation based ($12 minimum donation)

Class times are Pacific


How to Enroll
Step 1: Venmo your donation to Michelle-Scott-Soth or PayPal (friends and family) to

Step 2: Be sure to leave your email! 
Step 3: Select the corresponding date and time that appears on the scheduling calendar.
Step 4: Select "Book a session" or "Buy a pricing plan". You will be prompted to log in or add your name and email.
Step 5: Select the "Pay Now". .
Step 6: A Zoom link will be emailed directly to you immediately after signing up. So save that confirmation email!

The class recording will be emailed directly to you after class. The link will be good for you to use for 7 days.

***If you have purchased a class pass or membership plan you will still need to register for a class. Simply follow the above steps,
LOG IN and select your pricing plan as payment. A class will automatically be deducted from your pass.


Class Descriptions


Slow Flow (60mins) A moving meditation practice that will let the breath lead us. Slow and fluid movements will guide us through the flow. All levels are welcome. Modifications are given and props are used. Mindfulness and breathwork techniques will be introduced.

Sunrise Flow (60mins) An early morning class meant to invigorate both body and mind. We practice the same sequence each week for the entire calendar month. This gives us an opportunity to practice deeper in each pose, connect with the breath and let it lead you, and learn a new sequence for your home practice. Can be both Hatha or Vinyasa style. 


Yoga Nidra (60 mins) Sleep Yoga! This class is a form of guided meditation combining a short gentle floor based flow to start (approx. 25-30mins) and a guided meditation journey in a very extended Savasana. The guided journey is designed to bring the mind and body to a very blissful state of relaxation. This practice will give you the opportunity to tap into your own ability to rest and repair.

Yin Yoga (60 mins) A slow paced practice meant to gently stress the connective tissue in the body. (tendons, ligaments, facia, etc. allowing them to receive fresh vital energy for healing. Each pose/asana is held for an extended period of time. Props are heavily used and encouraged.

Gentle Flow (60 mins) A floor based practice that incorporates slower movements and breath awareness. This class will help ease discomfort and tightness in the body. Meditation techniques introduced. Props are generously offered.

Hatha Flow (60 mins) A class that builds strength, balance, and coordination. The flows will be soft and fluid to move the body with the breath. A moving meditation to build strength and stamina.

Vinyasa Flow (60 mins) A powerful flow style practice that combines using the breath to lead you into the movement of the flow. A faster paced class that combines strength, balance, and stamina. A moving meditation practice guaranteed to build some heat and have a little fun. Modifications are given. Props are always encouraged.