The online Chakra Series.

A 7 week (YES, 7!!!) deep dive into the central intersections that are a huge part of our energetic bodies. These “wheels” link to the nervous system, internal organs, and our emotional and physical well-being. To keep the Chakras “aligned” is like keeping an instrument tuned. Sure, you can strum the strings of a guitar and they will vibrate and create a sound but tuning those same strings to a certain note creates a vibration much more pleasant.

Now, imagine tuning each Chakra, each “string”, frequency, or vibration. The body may not sound more pleasing to the ears like the guitar but it might feel better, be clearer, lighter, more aware, and more connected. More in tune to nature, your surroundings, and the Universe.

So, we’re doing it. We are diving in.


Every week, from November 2 to December 17th, we will take a Yoga journey through each Chakra.

From Root to Rise.

We’re clearing our internal pathways, brining in more balance and more peace, tuning our frequency, and creating more discipline and constancy to our practice.

Each week, I’ll plan our classes around a specific Chakra. That’s 5 CLASSES A WEEK dedicated to one specific “intersection”. All 5 classes are completely different styles. From Restorative to Gentle Flow, Hatha Flow, Vinyasa Flow, and Yoga Nidra(guided meditation). You can choose the style of class that you need for the week or commit to the entire 7 weeks of tuning your frequency to a higher vibration.

If you’re ready to commit to the whole 7 weeks…there is now UNLIMITED Yoga from 11/2-12/17 for $70! That’s 7 Chakras, for 7 weeks, for $70! Join the series and you will automatically be registered for each and every class. Not to mention a special bonus gift! (Hint…Hint…Winter Solstice “online” Worksop)

Can’t make the the live class times? No worries! Every single class will be recorded. You can take the classes at your pace and at a time that works for YOU. Everyone that has signed up for the class will receive an email of the class recording after the live session ends. All 35 videos will be yours to keep.

Drop in fees are $10 per class. Class passes are available on the website, or commit to the entire series and save.

There is no excuse. Take the leap and join me on this epic adventure through the Chakras. It’s going to be a really special way to end 2020!