Adventures of a Yogini: Who are you?

In my attempt to resurrect "The Blog"...maybe I should start off with who the hell I am. I'm currently still working on the answer to that question but I believe that's the point of life. To constantly search out the answers to that question. To curate the experiences that fill up and create your life and ultimately, the answer to that question. I, myself, may never truly know who I am. However, I will continue to fill my life up with the adventures and experiences that create me.

I am a Yogi(ni) and an avid adventure seeker that loves the outdoors. So much of my time is spent out on the trails. Not only hiking, climbing, and running but also studying, researching, and reading about them.

I am a SoCal transplant who recently moved to the Pacific Northwest. I spent a lot of my adult life in the Southwest having only visited the PNW once back in May of 2019. To say this area is new to me is an understatement. I hadn't been further North of Napa until then. Everything up here is different. From the sights, the smells, the greenery, and the wildlife. Being out on the trail is a way for me to adventure, explore, and get to know my new surroundings. Not to mention it's a great way to keep my body, heart, and mind in shape. I've been hitting the trails since I was 17 years old. I moved to Colorado on a whim. Not the wisest decision of my life but I often think...would I love the mountains as much as I do had I not moved there so young? Would I love the outdoors, camping, and sleeping under the stars as much as I do? Find the gratitude, right? Find the gratitude in those wrong choices and they'll lead you to the why.

I've spent a lot of time healing on the trail. I went through a lot of trauma at a young age. It felt good to work hard, be disciplined, and climb a mountain. I even took some wilderness courses my first year of college and studied to be a guide before I switched to study Interior design. How crazy, right?!?!

I am attempting to thru-hike the John Muir Trail this Summer/Fall 2020 and the Wonderland Trail (permit permitting) this summer 2020. The PCT is on mine and my husband's buck it list and I'd love to climb Kilimanjaro and explore Alaska and Patagonia too. You can often find me out on the trail training. I've signed up for a few trail races in the Northwest this year. A few 10 Ks, half marathons and, I'm making my first attempt at a full marathon (at the ripe ol' age of 40) through Silver Falls Sate Park later this year. It's going to be a busy training year that's for sure! Looking forward to exploring this new, to me, terrain.

The best part about moving somewhere new is, well, moving somewhere new. Haha! Everything is an entirely new experience. Not only did we move to the Pacific Northwest from San Diego, but we moved to a small remote island off of the coast of Washington. You can see Canada from here. San Diego is a big town and really spread out. This island is small. Small. SMALL. It's filled with beautiful farms, homes, the cutest little village, and a couple beautiful State Parks. She packs a punch. Tiny but mighty. It's very interesting that a place like this chose us to live here. We had to step out of our comfort zone of the warm SoCal sun and step into the shadows of the PNW forest. Obviously, we are here to learn and grow. To step into some discomfort and reach just a little bit higher. There's some lessons to be learned here. We've already learned a few.

California is my comfort. San Diego is my "home." I received my mastership in Reiki there and trained a few practitioners. I became a healer in Yoga Nidra and led weekly classes teaching meditation there. I studied Yoga and became a Yoga teacher. Spreading the medicine of Yoga all over that city. I've hiked, ran, or healed on almost every single one of those trails. I was a Hikerbabes Ambassador for the San Diego Chapter and met a lot of great women exploring those trails. This island chose us. She lured us here to step out of the comfort and expand even more. To push past the fear and reach for something bigger.

I'm now starting the Hikerbabes Orcas Island (San Juan Islands) Chapter from the ground up. Such different areas with such different cultures. Not to mention the elusive weather. So so different. I'm learning to hike through all the rain, all though, the torrential downpours, snow, and ice this winter has made it difficult to hit the trail. Spring is around the corner and the weather has turned milder. The sun has been shining bright and I've slowly started my training and getting my trail legs back. I'm making some new hiking collaborations this year...stay tuned! I'll be working on hiking events across the area. You can check back under the events tab so, again...stay tuned!

I'm an Interior Designer, Photo Stylist/Art Director/Photographer, and all around maker of pretty things. Haha. I've traveled all over styling for photo shoots and still do after all this time. I tried to retire to teach Yoga and lead hikes full time but there are a few very special people and a few very special companies that I still enjoy to visit and work for so I will continue to do so as long as I enjoy it. Photography is a bit of a hobby of mine. I love to try and capture the beauty of the nature that surrounds me.

I cook and bake nearly every single day. I enjoy spending time in the kitchen. We cook each and every meal in the #sothkitchen. My family and I really take pride in homemade, organic healthy food. We are always cooking. Which also inevitably means...always doing dishes. We make our own Kombucha, olive oils, pickled veggies, you name it! We make it! I've loved to cook and bake since college. I'd make a big "friends"giving feast every year for the friends that stayed in town. Martha Stewart and Giada taught me so much. I can fold a fitted shit like a bad ass thanks to Martha Stewart. Not to mention make an award winning pumpkin pie. I’ve made a bunch of wedding cakes, won quite a few cooking and baking competitions and my husband is an Executive Chef. We like food in this house for sure. My daughter has an incredible pallet too. She can pick out each flavor in a meal. Quite impressive for a 16 year old.

I'm a part time Vanlifer too! My husband and I converted a 2015 Ford Transit Connect into a stealthy camper we can pretty much take anywhere. That deserves a handful of blog posts on it's own. From the build, (We built it almost entirely with recycled materials from our home.) to the trips we've taken with her. More to come on that as we decide to upgrade our current build or seek out a whole new van.

I'm an aspiring musician. In my head, that is. I can strum the Ukulele, like to belt it out in the car, kitchen, living room, and shower, and would love to jam the banjo someday. Music really is the soundtrack to my life. There isn't a moment of the day that a song isn't floating through my mind or rolling off my tongue. Music has inspired me, saved and healed me, and made so many road trips more fun. My fondest memories are live shows as far back as my teenage years to making new ones with my family now. We’ve got a great record collection curating too!

I'm a Leo and a Pitta Dosha if you know Ayurveda. I'm the generator. The energy. Filled with lots of fire. Lots of energy. This season of Winter is teaching me to slow down. To be like nature. Be steady, retreat, and rest. Even in my Yoga practice the Winter season is relevant. I've been resorting to an almost no Asana or fully supported Asana practice .I'm concentrating on my Breathwork (my February 30 day challenge. A part of "My Year of 30 Days 2020." Blog post to come.) However, with the abundant sunshine the last handful of days and the milder temps, I'm starting to crave the fire of a more powerful flow. I'm looking forward to brining my teachings here to the Pacific Northwest. Spreading my love for Yoga, Reiki, Meditation nature, and the trails is my happy place. It's how I discover who I am.

And, who is that exactly?

I am Michelle

A Mother


Yoga Teacher

Reiki Teacher

Yoga Nidra Healer

Hikerbabe Ambassador

Home cook and baker

Photo Stylist/Art Director/Photographer

Lover of nature


This planet

Outdoor enthusiast

Reader of books

Part time Vanlife adventurer

Sun Goddess

Beach lover

Mountain climber

Trail hiker and runner


Music is my soul

Food is my joy

and I'm madly in love with LOVE

I've been writing since I was a little girl. Not necessarily to anyone at all. It was a 2020 goal of mine to resurrect this blog. To make it something for me. Release the energy in a new way. Release it through words. I have a lot of stories to tell. A book or 2 or 3 I'd like to write someday. Whether I'm writing to the black hole abyss of the internet or to the few souls that will read. It doesn't matter who is watching. This isn't for them. This is for me. For me to continue to curate the answers of who I am and who I want to be.

Tell me. Who are you?

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