Adventures of a Yogini: The Wonderland Trail (Day 3)

Wonderland Trail (CCW)

Day 3

Tuesday, 8/4

Deer Creek to Sunrise camp via Owyhigh Lakes Trail to Sunrise Park Rd/bypass White River crossing. Walked street to White River Camp to Wonderland Trail. Food cache at Sunrise Old Gas Station. Next to ranger station and general store.

Approx: 16.8 miles

Ascent: 6557

Descent: 3302

84/100. 21/52.

Sydney Falls

The entire Owyhigh Lakes Trail

Owyhigh Lakes

White River Camp

Mount Mother Fucker

Sunrise! Picked up our food cache at the Sunrise Old Gas Station.

Today was long and hard! (That’s what she said Hehe.) We started our day early. We left camp at 6am and headed on the Owyhigh Lakes Trail. What a beautiful trail! Emily ran into a bear booty! Well, not literally. She watched it run away. We enjoyed the climb up into the forest and the incredible views of the Cowlitz chimneys. We were also spoiled with the most incredible meadows filled with beautiful and abundant wild flowers. There were flowers everywhere! It was breathtaking. You eventually just run out of words. We took a snack/lunch break on the trail overlooking Owyhigh lakes and then continued down the switchbacks towards the White River. The River was flowing heavy over the bridge and we could hear rocks sliding and boulders crashing into the water. The rangers posted signs to avoid the crossing so we had to take the road to White River Camp to get back on the Wonderland trail. Walking on the hot asphalt, on a warm day, and with the sun blazing down on you was a bit uncomfortable. Walking along side the river with views of “her” (Tahoma/Rainier) made it better. When we made it to White River Camp the ranger offered us her picnic table and spigot for water. We took a much needed break and lunch there. We took our shoes off, washed our feet, freshened up and got ready for the climb up to Sunrise. “Mount Mother Fucker.” We accented up 2000’ in 2 short miles. Not my favorite way to end a day. There may have been a bunch of cursing but there was also a lot of laughter. We later found out that a group of women could hear us on the trail. Lol. Oops. Mount Mother Fucker, indeed!

That was tough on tired legs that had already hiked over 14 miles. Emily had to pretty much drag me up this one. My legs were dead but we made it up to Sunrise 30mins before the general store closed so we bought all the food and stuffed our faces!

Ice cream, sandwiches, pickles, and sodas. It was a great treat. We grabbed our resupply bucket and shopped from it for the next 4 days. I ditched the boots and am opting to finish in my trail runners.🤞🏼 We made it to camp just before 8pm. Set up camp a little hazily and pretty much crashed. Tomorrow is gonna be another big day.

***ladies, maybe you can feel me on this one. I got my period today so yay 🤬 I was feeling a bit grumpy and slightly brain dead. Women can do ANYTHING!

Long day. So dead. Yet so so so happy.

📸by Polka Dots and Knitting Needles

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