Adventures of a Yogini: The Wonderland Trail (Day 2)

Wonderland Trail (CCW)

Day 2

Monday, 8/3 My 40th Birthday!

Nickel Creek to Deer Creek Camp via the Wonderland Trail to Cowlitz Divide Trail

to the Eastside Trail with a short walk on Stevens Canyon Road.

Approx: 14.1 miles

Ascent: 3496

Decent: 3927

83/100. 20/52

Grove of the Patriarcs

Chinook creek

Olallie Creek and falls

Ohanapecosh River

Stafford falls

Today was a pretty leisurely stroll though the forest all day. A perfect introduction to 40! It’s my Birthday! It was a bit of a climb up to get out of camp but that was most of our elevation for the day. Lots of mosquitoes today. We busted out the head nets and wore them for the first part of the day.

We took a short .3 mile (out and back) detour through the Grove of Patriarchs. Big beautiful old trees. I felt the need to whisper through their wisdom. Our first suspension bridge crossing was fun but there were tons of people Too many for my liking.

Our lunch spot was along the Ohanapecosh River. We soaked our feet in the river after we ate. It felt so great. We saw a few more waterfalls today. They never get old. We had to cross a big bridge over Olallie Creek falls. Water was just rushing down.

We stopped 1.4 miles from camp at Stafford Falls. We had a snack with the perfect view of the falls cascading into a lagoon. The view was unbelievable. The company too! The color of the water reminded me of the colors back home on Orcas.

Deer Creek Camp only has 2 sites and we were first to camp so chose the biggest spot. Complete with kitchen and dining room. Lol. We ended up having the camp all to ourselves. No one else came through. We did another water refill and foot soak in the cold creek near camp. We had an awesome spaghetti dinner and some red wine for my birthday! Emily gave me the sweetest hand made Birthday card, we gave ourselves tattoos and enjoyed a few more sips of wine.

Today I turned 40! It truly was an epic day. Hiking around this magical place and getting closer to

nature is what I love. I get to do it again tomorrow. How lucky am I?

photos by Polka Dots and Knitting Needles

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