Adventures of a Yogini: The Wonderland Trail (Day 1)

Wonderland Trail (CCW)


Sunday, 8/2

Longmire to Nickel Creek Camp

via the Wonderland Trail

Approx: 14 miles

Ascent: 4067

Descent: 3501

82/100. 19/52.

Carter Falls

Narada Falls

Martha Falls

Sylvia Falls

Maple Falls

Great start to the journey. Hit the trail just after 8am and enjoyed our lunch at Reflection Lake. We sat on a bench with the perfect view of Mount Rainier.

The trail is well maintained and easy to follow, however, there is a very very sketchy area of the trail just east of Martha Falls. We crab crawled and slid on hands, butt, and feet to get through it. Looks to be a wash out of some sort. Erosion and rockslide maybe. My heart was pounding through my chest and my legs were trembling. Very narrow. Nothing to hold on to. The trail was crumbling under our every step. So scary but also very short. Maybe 200ft-ish. 300ft max.

Our first water refill was at Unicorn Creek. Martha Falls flowed right into the creek and the water was so cold and fresh. A little mishap with my water bladder spilling into my pack and then I took a trekking pole to the face when I dropped my pack to fix it. We were dying laughing. Tiny gash in my nose. Nothing serious. Just lots of laughter.

Mosquitoes are pretty vicious through the canyon floor. Box Canyon was not what I expected. So cool with the water just rushing through it. Didn’t realize how narrow it would be.

We were the first group to reach camp. A second group got to camp maybe an hour later. All other camps remained empty. We enjoyed hot ramen at camp and a nice cold foot soak at Nickel


photos by Polka Dots and Knitting Needles

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