Adventures of a Yogini: The Craziest Thing Happened.

I don't even need to mention it. We all know what I am talking about but, for future reference I'll go ahead and fucking say it. Coronavirus. COVID 19. This pandemic has pretty much brought the entire World to it's knees. It's shutting down, restaurants, bars, schools (ours for at LEAST 6 weeks), to entire countries. It's totally fucking bananas. I feel like I am living in a blockbuster disaster movie just days away from shutting down all of Washington state. Fortunately and unfortunately, I live on somewhat of a "secluded" island. A part of me is screaming, "Shut down the ferries! Let us locals ( I can't believe I'm using that word) stay healthy and safe. Another part of me thinks that that is scarier. To be locked in on this island.

"A golden cage is still a cage."

I get the total uproar I just wish it weren't so fear based. The people don't need to be frightened into seclusion. We need to be given the facts. We need to be given the information and the tools needed to get through this. Every single media outlet leads with such fear based language that our nervous systems are stuck in "flight or fight". This is what is causing the panic, the nasty, the hoarding. It all comes from fear.

Look, I get it, I seriously do. This is not a joke and needs to be taken extremely seriously. The goal is to overreact now or think that we did in the future. That means all of this worked and that the vast majority of the world will continue on but hopefully not business as usual. Hopefully, this opens our eyes. We are in this thing called life TOGETHER. We rely on each other in some way. A major factor that is helping me keep it together is knowing that I am not alone in this. That quite literally the whole entire World is going through this and I find that strangely comforting. I also really believe that this is Mother Earth telling us to STOP. Only she can bring us to our knees like this, We are running her ragged. Depleting her of everything. This is her way of unplugging us for 30 seconds and restarting.

So, maybe now is the time to "Spring Clean" our homes, for those of us fortunate to have homes. I have personally scrubbed ours from top to bottom still using my all natural homemade ingredients and being very diligent on populated surfaces, handles, and door knobs. We will be dong the same with each of our cars. Again, I know how extremely fortunate I am to say that sentence. I'm going to use our Island Springtime weather to get outside, get our garden started, paint the house, and work on our Van. To be honest, we have had our taste of social distancing and self quarantine for the past 2 months since my hubby broke his leg and ankle. When you live in a forest made up of dirt roads and rolling up in down in elevation, it's really hard to get around with a broken leg. We have already been elbow deep into movies, bad TV, books, magazines, cooking, and baking.

All we can really do now is try to find the GRATITUDE in all of this. The spouse that is always traveling is grounded now and able to have some much needed snuggle time at home with family. Maybe now you have a moment to dust off your Grandma's old cook book, try some Yoga and Meditation, or remember those big dreams you had and start planning ways to make them happen. I'm diving deep into trail research. Mountains and Volcanoes that I want to climb, and planning thru hikes for later this year. I'll continue to post some of my favorite recipes here on the blog if you're finding yourself with a moment to have some fun in your kitchen. The kitchen is always a place of comfort for me. You can ask the extra 6lbs that has suddenly showed up the past 2 months that I have spent endlessly in the kitchen. HAHA! It's relaxing for me and fun. It's a sure fire way for me to get Reiki flowing through us. In each and every ingredient that I touch I am setting the intention for healing vibes. My love constantly pours through our food. You can really feel it. Watch "Like Water For Chocolate". You'll get what I'm saying. will continue to show up here on the blog and I will start teaching Yoga and Meditation via Zoom this week. I will make sure to post links. I got you! Stay healthy and safe everyone.


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