The Full Harvest Moon 2018

This Full Moon is going to be a doozy. The Harvest Moon. The Full Moon closest to the Fall Equinox. A Full Moon in Aries.

I don't know about you but I have definitely started to have some things rise to the surface with this Full Moon. Things that I, myself, had forgotten because I had buried them so deep. Anyone else feel me on this?

I'll be honest. It's caught me a little off guard. Especially with my emotions. They are a mess! I know if I let them rise up that they will eventually release. They have to come up to get out. I know. It doesn't make it easy. It doesn't make it less painful. These past 2 years I've been doing the work. I've been doing the damn thing! I know that this just gets me one step closer to peace.

This Full Moon may not go easy on you but just know it's for the good. There's no room to carry all this extra 'stuff" where you're going. The anxious feelings will begin to fade once you release and let go. After letting go, you'll notice the shift in your energy change. You'll have all this space and drive to get things done.

With the emotional stirring of this Harvest Moon, it may feel good to spread a little LOVE. Do something out of kindness or pay it forward for a friend or stranger. Give yourself some love for doing the work and getting this far. Give yourself some love for being here. It's pretty amazing getting to live this life. Be grateful you get to.

This Moon's energy is meant to be healing. You'll have that moment of realization. Releasing whatever it is that's holding you back. I've noticed a deeper connection to those around me. In my everyday life, in the classes I teach, and the classes that I attend. It must be the theme of the season. I've come to realize how important our connections with each other are. They map out our whole lives. Let this Harvest Full Moon be an awakening. Here to help you let it all go. Surrender.

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