I’m out in the desert of Palm Springs, CA having just spent the weekend with old friends. Some I haven't seen in YEARS. Each of us living in a different state. Each of us grown into our own selves. Each of us with our own stories to tell. Each of us with our own lessons learned. It’s been such a wonderful time. Just like I knew it would be. I’m still here. It’s just me now. Left with my own breath. Left with my own thoughts. Left with just me.

It was really healing to re-connect with these souls. Really re-connect. Telling our truths. All corners of it. Real human connection. Not through the fairy tale screens of social media. Through the real stories, the gruesome or hilarious details, and the tears of laughter and joy. It filled my heart up with something that I didn’t even know it needed.

It all turned out exactly how I imagined it would. Inspiring. It was a weekend filled with no judgement, relaxation, and fun. Four completely different individuals with fond memories of high school in common and yet it felt like we had done it all before. Perhaps, because we have done it all before. The mind may get foggy with age but the soul never forgets. Our hearts are always connected. Always creating a safe space to shine our light any way we like.

I didn’t quite realize how much this connection was missing in my life. The Soth’s (my family and I) are on their own little island. We have our own beautiful connection with each other. It’s pure magic on it’s own. This was something different. Almost expansion like. Overfilling me with abundance and gratitude.

We are all capable of it. Expanding our hearts and raising our vibrations. “Close your eyes and imagine the best version of you possible. That’s who you really are. Let go of any part of you that doesn’t believe it.” -C. Assad

Live your best life. Go out there and do you. Connect with one another. Connect with the World. Expand your hearts and raise your vibrations. From the tales we all shared this weekend, I know I’m not the only one craving this connection. I’m not alone.

I knew that I would need this last day to myself. I went back and forth in my mind with the idea. It’s quite a bit of time away from my family. It’s quite a bit of time away from my classes. I kept coming back to the idea of a solo couple of days. Having this day of quiet after all the laughter. Time to connect with myself.

There’s lots of magic brewing. Like I said, this weekend has left me inspired. Fresh meditations, fresh flows, fresh dream catchers, and fresh new Reiki sessions. I’m filled with abundance and I want to spread it like glitter. I’m going to continue and reach out for more connection. With others, with myself, with nature, and with the Universe. Rooting down in the knowledge that we are all connected. From the social screens of Facebook to the seeds in our hearts forever connecting our souls. That connection is real. That connection is needed. That connection is life.

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