The Sturgeon Full Moon

The Sturgeon Full Moon will light up the sky tonight. This Full Moon, in Pisces, is a calm and smooth Full Moon. A big change from the chaos the cosmos have been in. The energy swirling around is giving this Full Moon the feeling of a fresh new start.

As Elephant Journal said, “We will feel as though we are swimming in the elements of refreshing, renewing, cleansing energy.”

A nice change from the Retrograde energy we were just in.

Let this Moon gently pull you in. Listen to those signs you’ve been sensing. The Full Moon is providing you with the answers to your questions. The questions deep down that we may not even know we had.

With the Full Moon being in Pisces it may be an emotional Full Moon. Pisces is a water sign. Not only ruling over the Ocean and Moon but over our emotions too. Sit in reflection. Celebrate the difficult times. We enjoy these peaceful times because of the hard times. We need the constant ebb and flow. The balance of life. Spend a little time in nature, set your crystals out to absorb this energy, enjoy the peace of this Full Moon. It brings with it the best energy. Making this the best Full Moon of the year!

Happy Full Moon!

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