Leo New Moon and Solar Eclipse

The Super New Moon in Leo and a Solar Eclipse. That’s what’s happening today! A partial Solar Eclipse that puts an end to Eclipse season. Where the Moon partially crosses paths with the sun in orbit. Ending this heavy Lunar cycle.

Leo is a powerful sign making this New Moon a little more intense. Having 5 planets in retrograde and this Lunar/Solar energy may have you feeling like you are swimming against the current. You might even be feeling mentally overwhelmed. Write down those thoughts. Keep a journal near by. Your mind might be a bit scattered but there’s some good things to come from stirring things up. Write down those ideas. Let them lead you somewhere.

Eclipses are portals for change. So, be prepared for change. Big or small, this New Moon is leading you down the path of rebirth. It’s OK to just let it lead you.

You may not be able to see the Moon or the Eclipse but step outside and look up anyway. Soak up all that energy. Connect with the Universe and Manifest your dreams.

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