The Full Blood Moon

The Full Blood Moon in Aquarius has arrived!!!Bringing with her a Total Lunar Eclipse. The cosmic energy is swirling!

The Moon will be crossing the sun’s path today causing eclipse totality that will last an unusually long time. The longest this century. Unfortunately, it may not be very visible for those of us in North America. The eclipse will be taking place in late afternoon while the sun is still shining. For those that can partake in the viewing, the Moon will appear to light up in the sky with a tint of red.

This will be a very emotionally charged Eclipse. Stirring up all the feels. Let the flood gates open. Fighting it just lets it build up more and more. With an explosive forced exit. Let it release and it will help keep you a bit more at ease.

You may notice this Full Moon go straight to where it hurts. Shining the light on some hidden wounds. The Moon will find those spots that we’ve hidden deep. Penetrating straight to the wound.

I read some powerful words that said to see through the eyes of your soul at this time. Not your physical eyes. Don’t let your physical eyes just see the dark and bad. Let your soul see things differently and you may just see the reasons why you chose this path.

It’s a very intense time in the cosmos. The energy is strong and maybe even batting us around a bit. Release those inner deep wounds. Let them see this magical light. It just may help you let go and make room for so much more. More of what you want to fill it with. I’m spending this evening doing a very special Full Moon ceremony, taking some time for a little self care, and letting my crystals soak up this Eclipse energy. I’m using it to release all the insecurities, the self doubt, and old wounds so that I can make room for some BIG BIG magic that’s coming my way! Happy Full Moon, everyone! Ride the wave, enjoy the ride, and if you wipe out, that’s ok, just get back up on that board and try again.

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