New Moon in Cancer

It’s a Super New Moon in Cancer AND Solar Eclipse today! We won’t get to see the eclipse but the energy is there! It’s just like not being able to see the Moon when it’s in its New Moon phase but it’s still there. This New Moon is also a Supermoon! The Moon’s orbit is closest to Earth and if we could see it, it would appear larger in the sky.

There’s a lot of manifesting energy around this New Moon in Cancer and the Eclipse strengthens that energy. If there is a Moon to dream and wish upon, this is the one!

The Moon being in the sign of Cancer has it linked to family and home life. It’s a good time to give the house a freshen up. Maybe a little tidying up or adding some things to make it feel more like HOME. Make plans for some major changes and moves in your life. List out your desires, hopes, wishes, and dreams. Nothing is too big or small. List them out, say them out loud. Feel their truth in your body. Visualize them in detail in your mind. Hold onto this list and we can burn it on the Full Moon!

It’s the start of Eclipse season and with Mercury going into retrograde on the 25th, there will be a total of 5 planets in retrograde! Hang on for the ride. Don’t fight it! Welcome it, surrender, take it slow, check every detail, be mindful of your words, stay kind to others and just ride the wave.

Happy Super New Moon Solar Eclipse!!!

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