Full Moon in Capricorn

It’s that magical time again. The Full Moon! This time the Full Moon is in Capricorn. June’s Full Moon is also known as the Strawberry Full Moon. Not because it’s red but to signify summer and the ripeness of the crop.

Mars is in Retrograde and Saturn will be the closest and brightest it’s been all year.

This is A LOT of energy to handle. A lot of heavy energy. It may be intense but it will be hard to get you off balance.

This Full Moon is said to be the most healing and transformational Full Moon this year. Delivering abrupt change and bringing closure to past lessons. Don’t be discouraged by anything that comes up. This is it’s last goodbye before working it’s way out. Stay grounded and cleanse that old energy. Let the layers shed.

Capricorn is represented by the mighty mountain goat. Tough and determined, continuing to climb upward, and the master at manifesting. Keep that in mind as the energy intensifies. It won’t knock you down. More like light the way.

Though this energy maybe heavy and intense, it will be giving you a great big shove in the direction you need to be. It doesn’t have to be a bad thing at all. Just ride the wave. Don’t swim against the current. Surrender, release, and let go. We head into Eclipse season in July. This will ease the heavy energy down. Just trust the Universe for now. The ride will only be as intense as you fight it.

Stay grounded and connected with nature. Stand barefoot on the Earth and soak up the Moon’s beams. Use some Sage and/or Palo Santo to cleanse the past lessons and your energy. Sit in meditation and imagine tree roots extending down from you deep into the Earth’s core. Big giant hundred year old tree roots. This will help keep you grounded and connected with nature. Charge those crystals, step outside, and soak up the magic of the Moon!

I’m heading off into the mountains to honor this magic. I have a feeling it’s going to bring about some deep and great change!

Happy Full Moon!

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