New Moon in Gemini

Tonight’s New Moon in Gemini is a special one! Not only is it a Supermoon, it’s the first moon in a Supermoon triad. That’s right, there will be 3 Super New Moons in a row and this is the moon that starts it off!

A Supermoon occurs when the Moon’s orbit is closest to the Earth. With a Supermoon Triad just starting to occur, you can expect to feel the culmination of the Moon’s energy for the next 2 months. Not just the few days around it’s phase.

Mercury rules the sign of Gemini so expect to feel some Retrograde disruptions. Communication, electronics, travel, contracts may experience some miss understandings.

This New Moon is bringing powerful change. Cleansing us all and pushing us to face some uncomfortable things. Don’t hold yourself back. Allow these shifts to change you. Purge old habits and thought patterns that hold you back. Surrender to the energy and see how it leads you to your manifestations.

The Super New Moon will be gifting us with clear vision of where we want the 2nd half of the year to go. Sit in meditation and listen quietly. Manifest your wishes into action. Set an intention to enjoy this energy and watch as it helps shift you in the direction you have always wanted to go.

Happy New Moon, friends. Big things are brewing!

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