Blue 'Sap' Moon in Libra

It's that magical time of the Full Moon again. The 2nd one of March and in the sign of Libra. With it being the 2nd Full Moon in the same calendar month it's a Blue Moon. The 2nd one we've had in 2018 but it's the last one until 2020.

You may have noticed that the build up of energy until now has been quite intense and overwhelming. With this Full Moon being in the sign of Libra, it will push you towards creating balance in your life.

This Moon also brings up strong urges to fix any past mistakes. Any emotions or memories that come up are finding their way up to be cleared.

Mercury is in retrograde during this energetic Full Moon. Communication is really thrown off around this time. Trust your instincts and be very mindful of what you say. Don't try to act on any important decisions. Just be still and ride the wave of energy. It may mark a huge turning point for you.

Full Moons are a great time for letting go and forgiving. Let go of those lingering feelings from the past and forgive yourself for eating an extra chocolate egg or 2. ;-)

Happy Full Moon. This one is kind of special. Bask in her powerful Moon Beams and let it all go!

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