New Moon in Pisces

Tonight is the New Moon in Pisces. The final sign in the Zodiac. Pisces is the star sign of surrender and release and this Moon will help give us the push to clean up and declutter. Just in time for Spring. Consider it a "Spring Cleaning" of sorts.

"Old Souls" are often born under this sign and may have a connection to the other side. Pisces rules the subconscious. Meditate with these Moon beams. Sit still and just be conscious of your breathe. Just watch it flow in and out.

New Moons are a time to manifest your wishes and your desires. This Moon comes with some healing energy too. It's hear to help heal old wounds and brings forgiveness to the forefront. Maybe even forgiveness of yourself too.

Let the Universe take over for now. Take a moment to honor your whole life. Celebrate the successes AND the short comings. Celebrate it al! Your entire story! Plant those seeds of intention and watch them grow.

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