Aquarius New Moon Solar Eclipse

Tonight is the New Moon in Aquarius and a partial Solar Eclipse.This New Moon Eclipse energy is linked to the big Eclipse that happened back in August. The seeds we planted back then are starting to grow and show new life. Watch them grow in the next few weeks and see them bloom.

All that letting and releasing we did in January (with two Full Moons) made room for this New Moon's loving and nurturing energy. Make your wishes, set your intentions and work for them every single day. This New Moon's energy can be used to magnify the growth of our seeds. It's a time to hit the reset button and renew.

It's a romantic energy with this Eclipse and couples may feel more connected and bonded. It's no coincidence that the New Moon Solar Eclipse occurs after Valentine's Day. The romantic energy of the eclipse was already there celebrating the romance and love of the day.

Take advantage of the space you have created and plant those wishes. You've made the room and the Universe is giving you this time to see a boom in growth. Those New Moon Manifestations are magnified right now. Whether you believe in the magic of the moon or not, what do you have to lose? Happy New Moon!

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