Super Blue Blood Moon

It's here! The big celestial event that you've been reading and hearing about, The Super Blue Blood Moon! Say that ten times fast. It's a pretty big deal. It's the 1st one in 152 years. 152 YEARS! So, what does all that even mean?

1) Super Moon = The Moon sits closer to the Earth and will appear larger in the sky.

2) Blue Moon = The 2nd Full Moon in the same calendar month. Hence the saying, "Once in a Blue Moon."

3) Blood Moon = Lunar Eclipse. The Earth swings between the Sun and the Moon and casts a shadow on the Moon. The Moon will turn a dusty red color from the refracting light. Us lucky viewers in California get to see the “total eclipse phase from start to finish” starting around 4:51a.m. The best viewing being between 5:00am and 6:00am. So, you see, it's a pretty big deal.

This Full Moon helps bring 2017 to a complete end. Full Moons are the end of a cycle. The closing of a door. Pushing our energy towards the next round of eclipses.

This Full Moon is in Leo. Bringing creative energy filled with love. The energy may be highly motivating or maybe even an energy overload leaving you feeling a little tattered, emotional, and stressed. The energy of Leo makes us want to take charge and act quickly. It's a great time to clear out and purge. Let go of what doesn't bring you joy, old clothes, expired spices, bad habits...

The energy of eclipses like to bring about big change. Shining a light on ourselves and just noticing. Just noticing what is no longer needed. So that we can let go and make room for love and dreams. Let it all go-The negativity in your life, The leftovers of 2017, All the drama, All the pain. The clearer you are with your energy, the easier it is to use towards manifesting your best life. Embrace the changes, ride the waves, surrender, and let go. Let the energy of this Moon do it's magic!

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