Stepping Out of the Shadows

The Winter Solstice was upon us yesterday. It's a very symbolic time for everyone and everything. The nights have been getting longer and longer. The temps are dropping lower and lower. The sun has been setting earlier and earlier. The Winter Solstice represents a shift. A shift from darkness to light. Every day from here on, until the Fall Equinox, will become longer, the sun will shine a bit longer and we can begin to step out of our shadows.

I had the honor to celebrate this magnificent event at Heart Expansion Meditations with my beautiful friends Victoria Luna and Andia Katz. They created a space for all us healers and masters to come together and shine our lights upon each other, the world, but most importantly, upon ourselves. It was a beautiful ceremony filled with so much love and light. The energy of the room was vibrating. All I could see was us flooded in light and it reminded me of this beautiful song by The Avett Brothers. A Head Full of Doubt/A Road Full of Promises. It's so symbolic of Winter Solstice. Even in the title.The nights are long, the shadows are dark but you know that there is light coming.

As I have mentioned in my previous post, "Growing Pains", it's been a growing year. As Andia would say, "A lot of Shadow work" was done this year. For me in particular, A LOT OF SHADOW WORK! The Winter Solstice is a huge symbol for me. It's time to step out from my Shadows and into the Light.

The entire year has been some very deep and powerful soul searching. Very deep and powerful shifts. With that comes some very deep and powerful self growth. There will always be room for growth and lessons to be learned in everything but what this Winter Solstice represents for me is that it is time to let go of all of it. It's time to emerge from the darkness and start to spread the light now. I'm feeling whole again. Complete and hopeful. The winter Solstice represents for me the time to step into the light now and let it shine down on, into and through me.

I can't get the image out of my mind from last nights meditation. I saw myself standing in complete darkness while all the light from the Stars poured into and out of me. It was a message. A message to shine the light. Shine the light on the darkness and shadows. Embrace them, love them because doing that means embracing and loving all of me. "There's a darkness upon me that's flooded in light." There is so much magic that is brewing for this up coming New Year. I just know it!

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