New Moon in Sagittarius

Our final New Moon of 2017 is upon us. Since January, the Cosmos aligned to make this year, "The Year of New Beginnings." In some form, in some way or another, we all were destined to start something new this year. Maybe a new relationship. A new Career. A new hobby. A new book. New paths or a new direction.

The Sagittarius New Moon gives us the final push we may need to learn, make, or accomplish those new beginnings. Learn those hard lessons. Clear those deep blocks. Create a new tribe of like minded people. We all have changed in some way. Awakening the feeling of being reborn, maybe. A fresh start, so to say.

The sign of Sagittarius tends to be a more, "live by the moment" sign. The New Moon in Sagittarius is lining up with the planet Saturn. This will inspire us to reflect on the lessons and the patterns we want to let go and not let repeat. With Mercury in retrograde during this New Moon, it has us feeling sentimental about the past. You have to let go of the past. You can't move forward clinging to the past. You'll just end up reliving old patterns over and over. You have to let go to make room for the present.

This New Moon is an energetic one. Everything we've been working on is going to intensify. An awakening on some level. Plant your seeds of manifestations and intensions. Plan a big adventure. Dream Big! Use the lessons of the past, the new paths, this rebirth and new beginning to pave the way into 2018!

Our next Full Moon not only graces us on January 1st, 2018, but it will also be a Super Moon.! Stay tuned for a magical post about what you can do on this special day. Not only symbolizing a New Year but Full Moons are a chance to release and let go. I'll share with you some ideas to let go.

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