New Moon Ritual

With the New Moon coming up tomorrow, I though it would be a good idea to share some of my New Moon rituals with you all. I really do believe in the magic of our Universe. I mean, take a look at our Solar System. The planets, their moons, and the stars. Whether you believe in Science or Religion, you can't deny the beauty that is our entire Universe. We are made of the stars. That is a miracle in and of itself.

The way the Moon can connect with the water and our energy, not only around us but in us, is magical alone. Using the energy of the moon phases can really help you harness some energy within you. After all, we are made up of water too.

Here are some ideas that you can use to manifest your own Moon energy. New Moons are the time to plant our seeds of manifestation. Don't be afraid to think BIG. Writing them down, in your own hand writing, in a journal, or piece of paper etc, will give the subconscious a reminder of what you need to do to make those seeds grow. I have a beautiful wooden box that I put my dreams and manifestations in. I write them one by one on small pieces of paper, place them in the box and set the box in the "moonlight". (There is no visible moon but believe she is still there). I bring it in the next morning and meditate with it. Sending Reiki and love everyday. You can also write your manifestations on the glass of a white candle. Using a permanent marker, write your dreams on the candle and light the candle every New Moon. Maybe you keep adding to it every New Moon. Just another reminder to keep working for those dreams. You can even write your manifestations down and plant them in the Earth or a potted plant. Literally, planting your seeds to grow. Keep them in a journal by your bedside. A list on your fridge or maybe in your wallet as a constant reminder to make things happen.

The New Moon is a great time for self care. Clear your energy with a Sage smudging. Burning the end of a bundle of Sage and using the smoke to clear the Whole Body. Maybe even just soaking in a warm bath with Epsom Salt to cleanse the energy of the Body. The New Moon is the start of the Moon Cycle. Use it's energy for new beginnings. Like I said, dream BIG! It's the last New Moon of 2017. Go big or go home, right?

Stay tuned for my post on an upcoming Full Moon Ritual. We are blessed to have it grace us on the New Year. Full Moons are about letting go and I have a special ritual to share with you.

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