The Full Cold Moon

The Cold Full Moon is upon us today. It's the last Full Moon of 2017, a Super Moon, AND Mercury goes into retrograde today. Phew! That's a lot going on!

You may feel a little "stuck in the doldrums". Run down or in a rut. Now is a good time to release everything that didn't work out for you this year. Let go of the judgments on yourself. Your judgments on others. Bring on an energetic clearing. A deep cleanse of the soul. Removing all that no longer serves you.

With Mercury in retrograde, it's a good time to really think before doing or speaking. Be mindful of your actions and your words. Come from a place of authenticity and not ego. If there is a truth that needs to come up to the surface, let it rise. Let it rise up to get out.

The "New Beginnings" energy of 2017 is slowly fading. There were some big life changes and this Full Moon is a sign that it is coming to an end. Take a breath. Take a moment and look back at this year of "New Beginnings". Notice how far you have come. It's worth the celebratory moon salute. The charging of the crystals. A warm bath of self care. Bask in the light of this Full Moon and know that you deserve to be here.

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