Class Descriptions

Yoga Nidra (45 mins) Sleep Yoga! This class is a form of guided meditation combining a short gentle floor based flow to start (approx. 10-15 minutes) and a guided meditation journey in a very extended Savasana. The guided journey is designed to bring the mind and body to a very blissful state of relaxation. This practice will give you the opportunity to tap into your own ability to rest and repair.

Gentle Flow (60 mins) A floor based practice that incorporates slower movements and breath awareness. This class will help ease discomfort and tightness in the body. Meditation techniques introduced. Props are generously offered.

very Gentle Yoga (45 mins) A very gentle floor based practice that combines restful restorative poses (longer holds, breathing, and meditation) and a gentle flow. Props are often used to support the body. Meditation and Pranayama practices will be introduced.

Hatha Flow (60 mins) A class that builds strength, balance, and coordination. The flows will be soft and fluid to move the body with the breath. A moving meditation to build the foundations of a steady practice.

Vinyasa Flow (60 mins) A flow style practice that combines using a breath to movement flow. A faster paced class that matches movement with the breath. The practice promotes strength in the body, along with flexibility and stamina. A moving meditation practice guaranteed to build some heat and have a little fun.


Sunrise Flow (45 mins)  A fast passed moving meditation practice to start the day off right. You have the opportunity to make this practice your own. Can be BOTH Hatha and Vinyasa based.

Slow Flow (75 mins)  A sneak peak into Michelle's personal practice. We will incorporate longer fluid movements that warm up the body. This is a vinyasa style but slower passed. This is to help bring more mobility to the body and an overall feeling of strength, balance, and grace. This practice is most often times paired with untraditional music and offered only as a POP UP event. 

Reiki Energy Work

Distant Reiki Healing Session: 

Reiki is a unique form of energy work that can help provide a magnitude of healing. It helps promote stress relief, relaxation, and an overall frequency alignment. It can help attune your bodies energy just like you would a musical instrument.

Sessions are offered online via zoom. Each session is 1 hour.


What to expect: After a brief check-in you will come to a comfortable position. Laying down is preferred. I will guide you through a meditation to help you relax the nervous system and clear any "stuck energy" in the chakras. You will then relax as I do my magic!

A short discussion of any messages that came through will follow and I will send you a detailed email from my notes during the session.

You can expect to feel extremely relaxed, lighter, and have a more peaceful mind.